Backup Exec Service is not getting started

Today I came across an issue where Backup Exec Service is not getting started.

·         While I was  trying to start the service it is giving an error “The Backup Exec Server service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs”.

         cause might be this “After running Live Update and the "LUGETUPDATES.exe" process is still running on the Backup Exec Media Server. This may cause the Backup Exec Server Service (Beserver.exe) from starting correctly”.

         Solution for this issue is first we have to kill "LUGETUPDATES.exe" process from task manager and try restarting the “Backup Exec Service”, now the service will rock again. It will start without any issues.

Here I will show you how to install Windows Server 2008 in virtual Environment, that is noting but now we are installing Windows Server 2008 on “VMware® Workstation”.

  • Open the VMware Workstation home page, there you will see the options as shown  in below figure.

  • Now we are going create a new 2008 Server, So go ahead and click on “New Virtual Machine”.

  • Above window will appears, Here you can go with Typical or Custom configuration, am going to select Typical configuration because it selects the basic configuration setting  to create a Virtual machine. 

  • A new window appears asking “Operation System file”, Here am giving operating system image file which is on my D drive, then click next.
  • Once you click the next button it will ask for a Windows Product Key, You can skip this step if you want to manually activate your windows later.

  •  Now a new window appears, as above here you need give a name for Virtual machine, it will show in home page once installation is completed, also provide the path where to store the Virtual machine files of this Windows server, then click next.
  •  Now specify the Disk space for Virtual machine, and click next.
  •  A Window will appears giving the specifications of the hardware with which our new VM is going to create,  now click finish if you are ok with that hardware settings.
  • Once you click finish, the installation process will be started and once this process is completed logon window will be displayed.
  •  Click ALT+CTRL+DEL and enter into the server, here the Initial Configuration Tasks Window appears as show below. 
  • Use the initial Configuration Tasks Window to configure you Time Zone, Computer name and Servers IP configuration and restart the system. 

Now the Virtual machine with server operating system is ready, In future posts we can install some important roles and feature which makes this system to serve requests.....