Azure Active Directory Sync - Creation of new objects

Hey... Directory sync was implemented to Office 365 and you see everything is synced to your Office 365 tenant.

Now , you got a doubt whats next, how to manage and create the objects ? No worry its simple. :-)

Do it in your Active Directory and it will sync to your Office 365 tenant.

  • New User : If you want to create a new mailbox for your new employee, the first create a user account for the new employee in your active directory, it will get synced to your office 365 and once it is synced you can assign Mailbox license to this user and a new mailbox will get provisioned in Exchange Admin Center for this new user.

  • New Contact: Now you want to create a new contact in for mail contact purpose, no problem create a new SMTP contact in active Directory and it will sync to your contact list in Exchange Admin center.

  • New Group : Now be little careful in understanding this, their are 2 groups, Security group and Distribution group.
    Security Group: Security groups are for assigning permissions and these are not mail enabled. So you can create a security group in AD and it will be synced to your Office365.
    Distribution Group: If you don't have a exchange server in your On-premise and you want to create a distribution group in you AD and would like to sync it to office 365 their are few additional attributes you need to create for the Distribution group to make sure the group will sync to office 365.
    Please follow below article what to be consider to create a distribution group in AD and get that synced to Office365



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