Office 365 - Distribution groups are not Syncing

Recently we have a Office 365 migration, where we implemented directory synchronization where we noticed that Distribution Groups created with in Active Directory are not syncing to office 365.

Finally we got a solution, if we create a distribution group with in the Exchange all the required attributes like Proxy Address, Display name , Mail etc are getting populated in the Distribution group object, however we don't want to use exchange because we are going to decommission the exchange server in future. The distribution group  created in Active Directory with out the involvement of exchange Or organization which don't have exchange servers will not populate these attributes in newly created distribution group.

So what are the attributes we need to look for ? Let us see below :

Name, DisplayName, ProxyAddress, Mail.

Yes , make sure the distribution group have following attributes , then your Distribution group will sync to Office 365 with out any issues, Let us see about these attributes and how to modify the Distribution group.

ProxyAddress: This attribute need to have to be in the format
DisplayName: This attribute should contain the name what you want to be appear.
Name: This is like an alias, so please take the first of of your email address before @ sign. ex: newgroup
Mail: This is the email address that you want to assign to the new group

You can use the ADSIedit or also you can use the Attribute editor within the property of Distribution group for this purpose.

Have a good day , hope this save your time of further research.


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