Migration Error - Office365

Started the Cutover migration and every thing went well for a day, all of the sudden started receiving the below error when migrating the mailbox data to Office365.

Error: AutoDiscoverFailedConfigurationErrorException: AutoDiscover failed with a configuration error: The migration service failed to detect the migration endpoint using the Autodiscover service. Please enter the migration endpoint settings or go back to the first step and retry using the Autodiscover service. Consider using the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer

We verified that Auto-Discovery is working fine. :-)
No Issues with RPC-Over-HTTP.
We tested with Microsoft remote connectivity analyzer tool and every thing is OK.

Auto Discovery test passed and RPC over HTTP test was passwed.

But where was the issue ? No clue !

How the objects are provisioned if the Auto Discovery is not working ? No answer ?

Solution: After going a call with Microsoft, creating the migration batch manually solved the issue. 

In this case auto-discovery test is getting success, but the not sure why it failing to connect the on-premise server for sometime.

So if you face this issue, you create the migration batch  manually rather than using Auto Discovery to get the settings.

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