Disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 11 - Automatic Updates

Administrator will always receives complaints form users when ever IE is upgraded to latest release, problem most of the legacy or third party application might be compatible with latest IE versions

But you noticing that IE 11 is automatically getting installed via Windows Updates and as an administrator you want to control this auto installation.

You can follow the below steps to stop the auto installation of IE 11 via Windows Updates:

  • Login to your domain controller.
  • Now download the IE 11 blocker from the Microsoft website
  • Once the file is downloaded, extract the .exe to any location on the server creating a folder named IE11 blocker.
  • You will file two files here “IE 11_Blocker.cmd” and “IE 11_Blocker.adm”.
  • So as you are using Group policy to do this and you need the second file, which is “IE 11_Blocker.adm”.
  • Now open Group Policy Management console, create a new policy named “Block IE11” and click EDIT the policy.
  • Go to “Computer Policies” and Right click on “Administrative Template”, click on Add/Remove Template option.
  • Now browse and select the ADM template which we have extracted previously.
  • Now you will see new folder under “Classic Administrative Templates (ADM)” under “Administrative Template” go through it and Windows Components > Windows Updates >Do not allow delivery of Internet Explorer 11 through Automatic updates.
  • Enable the Template “Do not allow delivery of Internet Explorer 11 through Automatic updates”.
  • You are policy is ready for use, Apply on domain if you would like to block across all computers.
Done, this will stop the automatic delivery of IE 11 via windows updates.


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