How to Export Message Tracking logs from Office 365

     How to Export Message Tracking logs from Office 365

Moved your exchange organization to cloud ? it's good news :-) . You received most of your On-premise Maintenance & Staff cost for your Exchange server.

What about message tracking logs ? what if we need to trace a email or to submit a log report in any Audit. No worries in general Exchange online will store Message Tracking logs for 30 days, so if you want to keep your Message Tracking Logs for a long time , then you need to download regularly and keep them safely on any storage for future use:

The below steps will guide you to export the Message tracking logs from Exchange online to a CSV file.
  • Open Windows Azure PowerShell.

  • Now you need to connect to your Office 365 tenant to perform export, you can follow the below link to know how to connect to office 365 tenant.
  • .    Once the session got established please use the below command to export the Message tracking logs to a CSV file.

    Get-MessageTrace -StartDate "10/15/2014 00:00:00" -EndDate "10/31/2014 00:00:00" | Select MessageID,Received,*Address,*IP,Subject,Status,Size | Export-Csv 20130915.csv –NoTypeInformation

     Please Note: 
  1.      Logs will be saved in the directory from which you are executing the export command. 
  2.      Date's in above command should be selected based on your preferred days between which you want the logs.



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