Windows updates - Error Code 80071A90 - Reverting back the updates

I came across a issue where the windows update getting installed and promting for a reboot and once i reboot every thing is gone.

During Startup, The computer is reverting back and updates are getting failed with an error code 80071A90.

Completly stucked and what to do now ? what is causing for this failures ? why the installed updates are failing during apply and why they are reverting back ?

All Quetions at a time, rebuilded the Windows updates database and tried many other ways, Still the issue is same.

Here is the resolution comes now :-) I started reviewing the release dates of pending update and noticed that there are few long pending udpates which are old.

Now started installing the 1 of the old update first, Wow its done.

Now second oldest update and done. Now i pushed few old and similar updates at a time and got installed.

Then pushed all the lastest updates and all got installaed successfully.

So what happen here is when installing all updates at a time, there might be combination issues between old and new updates and getting failed. Installting the older updates first and latest update later fixed the issue and computer is up-to-date


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